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dinsdag 24 september 2019

This all comes from the heart (David Lowrie)

This all comes from the heart, because that's where you gotta start. Filtered by the mind and transferred to the hands, the words, they flow flow just like sand.

Sand in the hourglass that is our lives, we never know when it'll fall and break. Waiting for it and tip-toeing through life is one of our biggest mistakes. Those are blessed who watch the sand, knowing that it will run out, but live their lives and chase their dreams and keep pushing without a doubt.

These words that flow from my body and mind, my heart and soul ring true. I love myself, my talent, my life, and thus I do love you. This is how it always works, you've got to love yourself first. Then abundance will float into your life and by the wayside will be your strife.

Keep on flowing, keep on going, reminding yourself of your goals. Keep your eyes down and head held high as you continue avoiding the holes. Watch your dreams come true as you learn to love yourself more. Put into practice, these little things - and everything will improve, i'm sure.

Keep love close. Keep your heart open. Keep your mind sharp. Keep your light ON. Keep GLOWING.

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