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zaterdag 27 juli 2019

De Stilte Spreekt voorgelezen

Via de link hieronder komt u naar de voorgelezen passages van De Stilte Spreekt. Wordt iedere keer aangevuld.
De Stilte Spreekt

vrijdag 5 juli 2019

As I walk ...

As I walk through the darkness, the nerves set in. I am alone. No beginning. No end. I look straight ahead and then all around. I hear wind in the trees and a shadowless ground.
The wind touches my face and reminds me I am never alone. Through this experience, my confidence has grown. I know that with nature, power is always near. Nothing to worry about - nothing to fear.

The clouds - they shroud the moon from my eyes, I look up to see no stars in the sky. The wind comes again and it's more than a breeze. It blows so strong that I am weak in the knees.

It carries a scent from far away lands. It whispers to me - please take my hand. The wind at my back and the darkness in toe, such beauty, I never thought I would know. Love touches my heart and sings with such grace. Darkness all around and the wind on my face.
David Lowrie