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maandag 23 september 2019

Space is the place where growth takes hold. (David Lowrie)

Space is the place where growth takes hold. Reaching and growing, to the sky, we unfold. Loving and knowing that we're all here together. Floating on the breeze, light as a feather.

What happens in my life, happens for me. When I look in the sky, all that I see - is space to grow and cultivate - the space to let beauty emanate. The space to let all of my ideas flow free. The space that connects you to me.

Our lives always begin and they always end, it's the space in between that makes us friends. Notice the space that's all around you. The energy that flows and let it surround you. Feed off of life and nourish your dreams. Always take action and ultilize the space in between.

David Lowrie

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