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donderdag 29 augustus 2019

The culture of the good shepherds. Part 1. (Wouter van Oord)

In spiritual education, an entity is always emphasized called: "You." Reference is made to what that 'You' is and is not. Moreover, it is said that that 'You' is 'Consciousness'. What 'Consciousness' is exactly is not being told. 'Consciousness' is vaguely described as Omnipresent and Immortal. Those qualities are also what 'You' are essentially. What you are not necessarily: the body and all fleeting phenomena. They are all unreal. Only "You" (Consciousness) is real.
That is a confirmation of being of greatness.
In India and Asia in general, they have thousands of names for ‘Being’ invented. .
All kinds of gradations, states and states of Being. Everything between being nothing and being everything. And every manifestation of Being has its own god and goddess. Hinduism in particular is a colorful doctrine, full of roads, paths, ladders and stairs to the very highest. The highest is called Parabrahman. In human form it is called Atman. It is a cozy, colorful affair.
This package of religious articles came to the West little by little in the second quarter of the last century. Almost the entire spiritual Western culture has been absorbed by it.
Almost all Western seekers now believe that they are Consciousness. And in that belief they are being guarded by an army of gurus who earn a nice living from it, and moreover have a status that they can have. Some attract crowded halls with thousands of patient, silent listeners. It's big business. I will not mention names. They are a kind of 'Pied Piper of Hamelin'.
Everyone knows that fairy tale.
(to be continued)

Wouter van Oord

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