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maandag 13 juli 2015

So different .... these children (Victor Hooftman)

If you see these two children, you know there is one with an old soul and one with a young soul. How is that possible? We don't know. Some people say it is because one of the two is reborn so many times. I don't believe it. The me, the part of the body, is temporally. If you are death the memorys are disappearing.  And memory's are materialistic.  So forget rebirthing. There is no such a thing. Not on a personal level. What is reborn is life itself. Every day. On an on. But life, joy, is not personal, it is oneness, so it goes on and on. Not your life, my life, but our life, life itself. Yes, life is reborn, but without memorys. And the girls? Coincidence.  Some people are more joyful,  younger then others. Destiny.


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