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maandag 8 februari 2016

Discussion Thega vs Victor Hooftman

T. How do we undermine a projection which we are also manufacturing?

V. That was indeed my question.  But you don't answer the question. Can we see that we are projecting?  

T. The problem with illusion is that it is rooted in reality. as long as we talk about illusion we don't realise reality is rooted in it. reality is illusion which here does not mean there is no reality like advaita propaganda claims.

V.  Some advaita people claim everything  is illusion. Me too.  But what is illusion? That everything is temporarily. That I see something different then you see. That we can see reality but only feel there is reality.

T. because as you see it is illusion that is creating chaotic reality. so the slogan the world is all illusion is meaningless gossip of the priviliged. the illusion the system creates using you as agent is real misery. and if the reality is an illusion, a big show, then we can always end it. Vedanta does not say reality is illusion but reality is a construction of illusion. so don't start inventing some higher reality you call atman when you fail to understand reality itself.

V. Reality can't be a construction.  Reality is absolute. You use the word reality as not absolute. I use the word reality as higher reality. So we have a problem in the discussion. The daily reality is indeed a construction.

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